Our Mission

I spark real conversations to ignite change.


I chose this mission because I believe that the right conversations connect people and transform lives. ​So I'm pouring my best into my podcast, my talks, and into events that celebrate our human connection.

Our Name

"MamaTokTok" is a variation of 'Mami Toktok,' a Cameroonian pidgin phrase which loosely translates into "talkative woman" or "talkative girl." Used to admonish girls or women who spoke a lot or asked many questions, "Mami Toktok" was often thrown at me as a child and I grew to resent its success in silencing me.


All these years later, MamaTokTok is as much about connecting individuals and communities through conversation as it is a story of reclamation. Join in and lets keep the conversation going!


AB Mambo

Founder, MamaTokTok

Our Team

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AB Mambo

The Spark | Founder | Writer | Speaker | Lawyer

I light the fire to make things happen.

I'm passionate about advocacy, empowerment, leadership and creative expression.

That is why I created this platform. It is a space to share our stories, challenge perspectives, and raise awareness about those issues we find difficult to discuss within our community.

P.S. I love travel, dress up, and improv cartoon characters for bedtime stories!

Click here for more about me.


Sylvie Mathisa

The Link | People Relations

I connect it all so things run smoothly.


I'm passionate about dancing and finding joy in small things. 

My goal is to make your MamaTokTok experience fun and seamless.