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This June at MamaTokTok: Love, Loss and Healing

Updated: Jun 1, 2020

About two months ago, I got an idea to run a number of themed episodes for the podcast. The idea was simple - dedicate one month to a particular issue and dive deep without losing MamaTokTok's eclectic fibre. So here goes...

June might seem an odd month for love, the likelier but unsurprising alternative being February. However, there was something about this theme of Love, Loss and Healing that refused to wait. Six months into Covid-19 and a week into the death of George Floyd and the infamous Amy Cooper video, many of us are feeling emotionally and mentally drained. And in some parts of the world, anger has erupted through the veneer of calm of the past two to three months. We need some love, some care and a whole lot of fresh air. All of a sudden, June seems incredibly well-timed for this conversation.

We kick off the series on June 1 with a look at self love. Rachel Nyaradzo Adams joins as our guest for week one and brings with her profound insights on the journey to self awareness, acceptance and ultimately self love. Given the times we're in, it makes sense to examine anger - so we do. But that's just just the beginning.

Listen to the current episode here and share your thoughts. If you're looking for more quiet or reflection time, stick with our regular programming and catch Nicole Mahabir on Spirituality, Yoga and Being Present here.

Keep well and definitely keep the conversation going!

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