• Podcast

    Step outside your world with 

    A Different Take.  

    In this podcast, we go global, beyond the headlines and pundits to bring you unheard and marginalized perspectives from everyday people on everyday issues. 

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  • Speaking

    Our growing list of talented speakers is unique.


    Predominantly entrepreneurs and senior leaders with international experience from different sectors, industries and countries, they bring their expertise, knowledge and candor to inspire, motivate and edu-tain.

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  • Curating

    Let's infuse your next event with sophistication and boatloads of fun.

    Our exquisitely curated events focus on celebrating the creative arts, charitable giving and events of any kind that promote the education and empowerment of women, girls and youth.

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  • We Too Tok

    Thought Leadership

    We welcome fresh and unique ways of looking at today's issues. We publish creative pieces and quality work on personal development and thought leadership.

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